Both my time in Australia and my pregnancy prompted me to think about starting a blog. In the months that followed, I developed the idea of using this website to bring together my thoughts as a tutor, examiner, copywriter and blogger.

As always, people in all their facets – with their stories, ideas, dreams, hopes and fears – remain at the heart of all I do: authentic, honest and intimate. Besides collaborating with clients at well-known companies and spending time at Sydney University, my work also gives me the privilege of broadening my horizons and meeting people who have sadly been driven from their homes by terror and hate.

These encounters have really touched me as a person and shown me one thing in particular: that on each morning when I’m blessed to wake peacefully, I have a responsibility to try to make the world a better place – by helping people to connect.

My words always come from the heart and this is also what I seek from my readers and clients: a respectful coexistence and the sharing of knowledge and experiences in a society increasingly plagued by envy.

I want my blog to become a space in which I can stand up resolutely for the ideas and opinions of myself and others: a blog for mums, dads, would-be parents, travellers, language learners, lovers of life, the curious and those who live life with intention.

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