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“A German class designed especially for you – on your terms!”

“Every participant’s learning objectives are as unique as their individual needs. I always strive to tailor my classes to each student, as I believe this fosters autonomy and authenticity.”

My Services


German classes for mums and dads/families

I’ve been a happy mum to my son since October 2016. He inspired me to think about people who can no longer sit in classrooms learning German because they’ve had a baby. And so a new idea was born: helping my students learn German in an authentic atmosphere, whether at the supermarket, in a local cafe, or on a relaxed amble through the park – wherever is best for the student.

One family has already booked me as a German tutor for a two-week trip to Moscow, while another booked me for their holiday in Turkey. Each of these families felt it was important to learn German in a relaxed atmosphere. For them it was on holiday.

Where would you like to learn German?


German classes for businesses

My clients include prestigious companies and multinational organisations. Depending on my clients’ learning objectives and needs, my classes focus on the five language skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing and audio-visual comprehension.

Working with authentic materials helps to make learning more varied and fun. Of course, grammar drills, working with literary texts, business German, and general foreign-language communication skills are never neglected in my classes.


Preparatory classes for the ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) language certificate

As a trained and active ÖSD examiner for all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2), I would be delighted to help you prepare for your exam in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).




Cassandra Chong


Sarah is wonderful, both as a teacher and as a person. I was her student for only a few months in preparation for the ÖSD German exam (B2 and C1), but within such a short time I really learned a lot. Her classes were very intensive but always enjoyable, as Sarah is a very experienced teacher. She’s quite strict during class, but she has a gentle and kind nature. Sarah made sure I was familiar with the routines and different exercises of the exam, so the actual day of the ÖSD was not stressful for me at all and I was able to complete the test to the best of my abilities. Apart from that, Sarah also helped me improve in areas in which I was weaker. It didn’t feel like I was having lessons just for the exam, but to improve my German in general. Sarah really cares about her students and she is proud of their achievements. Even after I stopped taking German lessons with her, we still keep in touch! Eine ausgezeichnete Lehrerin!


Anara Tokusheva


Sarah is a very creative and highly organised teacher. She is thoroughly prepared for her lessons (has additional print-outs, different exercises), which always makes every student of hers special. I was never bored in her lessons as she always prepares something interesting to learn and keeps the student focused. She is always friendly and accurate, which makes classes both interesting and pleasant. She also has a good command of English and French, which is helpful in explaining some of the subtleties of language constructions. I highly recommend Sarah for learning German at any level.

Творческий подход и тщательная подготовка к каждому уроку-это отличительная особенность Сары как преподавателя. Она необыкновенно доброжелательна и доступно преподносит материал, на ее уроках никогда не приходиться скучать. Я рекомендую Сару для изучения немецкого на любом уровне. Ещё она великолепно владеет английским и французским, и это помогало ( мне лично) в дополнительных разъяснениях.


Carmen Bicheru


My name is Carmen and I am from Romania. I had the great chance to work with Sarah during my working period in Vienna, for one full year. I don’t want to be too official about what I plan to say about our collaboration, but when I decided to learn German my expectations were quite low: first, because I thought I will never learn it, and second, how could I learn a new language if it’s not taught in my mother tongue But all my uncertainties vanished once I met Sarah!

I remember our first class (Vienna Universität) and how Sarah came with her lovely smile, speaking to me in German :). What I admired is the fact that she didn’t waste a minute and she immediately started to teach me.

Her classes are very well structured, she is the type of teacher who you can trust and she is always striving for more. Her way of teaching is with strict rules (do your homework 🙂 ), but when you come out of her class you feel that you are really . advanced.

I highly recommend Sarah if you want either to learn from scratch or to improve your German due to the fact that she is very supportive (encouraging you first to speak more if you want to take steps forward), she has a very friendly attitude and will always find nice and funny ways to explain different situations (in order to better understand German grammar, for instance), and she is extremely serious about her work.

For me, Sarah is very well prepared to teach this ‘difficult’ language and she is naturally gifted at this. Imagine how difficult it was for me to understand German from English (being a Romanian native), but with her help I’ve managed – or at least this is what I like to think. 🙂

I almost reached B1 from May to October when I left Vienna – amazing! There are many things that I remember when it comes to this lovely city, but Sarah helped me to emphasise my perception about the town, language, their culture and people even more!

Due to this nice experience, I have restarted my German lessons in my home country.

I wish you all the same nice and unique experience that I had with my lovely German teacher! 🙂