The clearest mind follows the heart


You became a mum in October 2016. How has this changed your life so far?

My husband and I consider our little one a gift from God – a genuine miracle for which I’m deeply grateful. My son has taught me how precious life is and the responsibility we carry on our shoulders. I now see the people around me in a whole new light through his eyes. For example, when I previously saw a mother and her child I simply thought ‘what an adorable baby’. But I didn’t have that deep understanding of what it is to be a mother.

Now I know intimately the wonderful aspects of motherhood, as well as the fear, doubt and uncertainty that go with it. Being a mother is extraordinary and extreme – in every respect. And this is why I’ve decided to write about it.

You found out you were pregnant in Australia.

Yes, it was a truly magical time that I’ll hold in my heart forever. Nausea, fatigue and backache were just as much a part of it as the excitement of every check-up and the feel of each of my son’s kicks.

While I was in Australia, I started doing pregnancy yoga and meditation. Meditation – now that’s a word that filled me with dread before I got pregnant! Practising in silence for an hour, purposefully inhaling and exhaling, without uttering a word to those around you. Anonymous. Unfamiliar. That was all I previously associated with it.

However, I soon realised that it gave me strength and helped me to bond with my little one.

Did you consider flying home earlier?

I found out I was pregnant three days after arriving in Australia and made the conscious decision to enjoy this five-month-long adventure with my little koala – albeit not all by myself. My partner supported me every step of the way, and we spent hours discussing, planning and attending the first check-ups together.

To us, one thing was clear: we both wanted to go on this adventure – and our courage was rewarded. During this time, I learned that I can only be a good mother to my child – and a good partner to my husband – if I continue to make space for my needs and my dreams. That’s why I didn’t take a break from university.

After my son was born, I continued to attend seminars and brought him along with me or left him with my husband, even while exclusively breastfeeding. As it turned out, my baby was happy – at home and on the move – because he was allowed to be an integral part of our lives. And that’s all that really matters.


Will your readers learn more about this and other adventures on your blog?

There will be so much for them to read about: my happiest moments, but also those inevitable moments of sadness, fear and doubt. They’ll learn about my pregnancy, the birth and all the time that’s passed since, including stories about my work, my studies, motherhood, and my life as a wife, friend, tutor and examiner.


Why is that so important to you?

Since 2013, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know people from over 80 countries and help them make their way in
Austria. And I didn’t just teach them German – they gave me an incredible wealth of perspective, stories, tears and
laughter in return.

I don’t offer a rigid educational programme. Instead, I tailor my classes to the learning objectives and needs of my clients – which means that I don’t just adapt the content of my lessons, but also the location of my classroom. I teach wherever my students learn best, whether at a local cafe, in a seminar room, or walking through the park.

My aim is to help students learn German in an authentic atmosphere.


You also offer copywriting services.

During my pregnancy, I revived my habit of keeping a diary and writing has been an important part of my life ever since. This hobby inspired the idea of creating specially tailored, authentic texts for other people.

Since 2016, I’ve crafted texts for a select group of businesses and private individuals. I take the time to get to know my clients and explore what makes them truly unique – and that makes my writing different to conventional marketing texts that often barely scratch the surface.

What do you want to achieve with your writing, and especially with the blog?

I want to bring people together and create authentic, honest, intimate connections. I’m especially keen to use my
blog to share people’s stories, ideas, dreams, hopes and fears and to form a bridge that encourages an open
exchange of thoughts and experiences. This is why I chose the name Sarahs Worte (Sarah’s Words) – I wanted to
associate my name with the product I offer: words from the heart of a tutor, examiner, copywriter and blogger.


“The result: a blog with heart, because every word is written with love.”

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